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Our dreams, images, emotions, feelings and movement spark impulses. When we shine a light, our Artist finds expression through sound and gestures, giving way to release and creative freedom. A transformational wholeness is discovered.




  • Please give the screenplay ‚Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘ a thorough read and allow it to sink in. Do some writing on ‚What feelings and emotions does the script bring up in you?‘ ‚How does it change or affect you?‘ We will be doing character development and scene work with this remarkable screenplay. Characters and scenes will be assigned 2 days before our start date.
  • Additionally there will be Dream assignments given to you before your first session.


Join us for this four week class and gift yourself the ability to experience and dialogue with your dreams. Invite your Ego to discover a newfound awareness and contentment at the heart of your Inner Self and feel your grounded Artist rise.

Truly looking forward to working with you all on this new course!

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Maximum of 12 participants

*World-Timezones: 10am L.A. | 1pm NY | 6pm UK | 7pm EUROPE | 8pm MOSCOW

**Returning Student prices only for students who have participated in at least one of Kirk’s Workshops. If you are not entiteled for discount we reserve the right to invoice the regular price.




This is how it works:


About Kirk Baltz (L.A.)

„From the start of his career, Kirk Baltz has studied extensively in NYC and LA with such noted teachers as Sandra Seacat, Greg Zittle, Susan Batson, Tony Greco, and Penny Allen; who are responsible for the training (and in some cases the continued coaching), of such actors as Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, Shia Labeouf, Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, Mickey Rourke, Jesicca Lange, Harvey Keitel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He has appeared in such television shows as: Snowfall, NCIS, 24, The Shield, Without A Trace, Will and Grace, and NCIS:Los Angeles and such noted features as Bulworth, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs (as “Officer Marvin Nash”), Dances With Wolves and Taylor Hackford’s Parker. Kirk recently appeared in Deniz Erguven’s “Kings”, Alan Watt’s film “Interior Night”, and the critically acclaimed short films “The Armoire” written and directed by Evan Cooper as well as “Demon” written and directed by Caleb Slain. He will be appearing in the upcoming feature “The Will O Wisp” by Evan Cooper.

Kirk Baltz | IMDb Credits



  • Do I need to speak English perfectly?
I do encourage folks to work in their mother tongue. There’s more of an internal connection that takes place and then the works can be taken to English if desired. I’m more interested in artists grabbing the essence of the work rather than being concerned with the linguistics. I don’t need to understand what’s being said. I’m looking for truth and conviction.
  • Will there be extra work expected outside the class?
There might be minimal work to do at home inbetween sessions. Simple review of the scenes given to you and perhaps a bit of writing…nothing arduous.