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Stärke deinen Ausdruck für die Bühne, den Film oder deine Arbeit!

The workshop is designed to build an awareness of your ‚performance energy‘ – no matter what you would like to use it for: dancing, singing, acting or business. Using drama techniques and triggered interaction – each student is encouraged to explore and develop performance energy, the energy that marks you out from the crowd.

  • Wochenende, 10. + 11. August 2019

  • Sa./So. jeweils von 16:30 – 19:30

  • Dozent: Alex Delamere (London)

  • Preise: 120€ für beide Tage

  • Please bring, if you like, a piece of work – a song, dance, monologue or presentation (no longer than one minute).
  • All Levels – der Workshop ist für alle, die sich in ihrem Ausdruck für Bühne, Film oder das Leben weiter entspickeln wollen – bestens geeignet für Schauspieler, Tänzer, Sänger und auch für dein Buisness
People constantly underestimate their capacity to improve…. everyone can – sing, act, dance, present, … – better, if they connect with themselves truthfully and completely.
Alex's Statement


About Alex:

Alex has worked for nearly thirty years as an actor on Stage, television and film: he played in the BBC series Merlin, Doctors and Emmerdale. In theatre he palyed Falstaff in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor and Mr. Braithwaite in Billy Eliott the Musical.
During that time he has also facilitated workshops in Japan, Canada, Europe, Norway and South Africa to challenge, develop and excite peoples own awareness of their abilities