Lyrical Jazz by Adam Parson

As Adam comes from abroad, and even he has already picked up some german words as „rechts“ and „links“ which are main vocabularies while trying to teach choreographies to a German crowed …..I will write this blog in english.

What a nice weekend! Full of sweat, new steps, some technique, much passion, and grounded choreographies !

I did ask Adam three questions:

  • what is special for you coming to PAS ?

    „There is a sense of community at PAS everyone is there to enjoy and support the art of dance, its an amazing feeling!“

  • what is the most important to you every student should take out of class?

    When you leave a class, you need to leave knowing what you did right. Too many times we focus on the things we didn’t do well in the class and don’t honor what was done correctly. It better to build up knowing what you need to work on for the next time but honor what was done right.

  • how did you get to know the Performing Arts Studios in Munich?

    „I was introdued by Malaya.“


Dear Adam,

it´s so good to know that you are coming back teaching us again!

and talking about Malaya: she is coming in August, so absolutely don´t miss it!!!!