Lade Veranstaltungen
„We must stop before we start“…Such a great way to begin our work as Actors. Finding that Still Point within where all the mind chatter settles. Physical tension softens…we become grounded and more able to speak out our Truth.

In this workshop at The Performing Arts Studio in Munich we will find our centers…reside in and create from a place of stillness and conviction.
Exercises will include: Movement, relaxation, Meisner repetition, sensory work and character development.

The workshop is open to all levels of actors. All are encouraged to attend all 4 days at the discounted course fee. Those who are new to working with Kirk must attend the first 2 days to help with acclimation. If you’ve worked with Kirk in the past you may request permission to attend the second two days (Open Level) …but please know the work is accumulative and more will be gained from the full course.

Here’s to an inspiring and productive 4 days…looking forward to being with you all end of October!

With Care and Respect,


  • Sa./So. 26.+27.10. (Weekend) | Mo./Di. 28.+29.10. (weiterführende Tage)
  • jeweils 10-17 Uhr
  • All classes are all levels! Mo.+Di. are for everyone who as worked with Kirk before or participated on the weekend course.
  •  incl. shooting the last few hours of the final day (Tues. 29th)! Material is for you to take home!
  • Regular: 2 days for 295 € // 530€ for all 4 days
  • Returners/Students: 2 days for 265€ // 500€ for all 4 days
  • Travelling from abroad? We give travel discounts, just let us know where you are coming from!
  • Dozent: Kirk Baltz
  • The script will be announced soon. However:  No prepation needed! You will just need to read it once and bring a printed paper copy to first morning of class. No electronic devices please. 
  • Dress comfortably. Bring lunch, notebook, pen, water bottle, a yoga mat and/or blanket. We will be doing a fair amount of floor work.


Infos & Buchen

About Kirk Baltz (L.A.)

With Kirk it isn’t all talk and theory…we are encouraged to do it…to think less and do more. That’s what I wanted. Something concrete, something that I can take home and work on. I can use in my trailer on set between takes and between scenes. Kirk Baltz has opened up new avenues for me and I am so very thankful!

Michael X. Sommers
Actor (Bug on Sense8 (NETFLIX))

While having appeared in over 150 film, TV and stage productions Kirk Baltz has worked with such noted film directors as Paul Thomas Anderson, Chantal Akerman, Warren Beatty, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Kevin Costner, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford and Deniz Gamez Erguven. He trained extensively with Greg Zittle of The Neighborhood Play House and Sandra Seacat, Tony Greco and Susan Batson, all renowned acting teachers and noted members of NY’s Actor’s Studio. In ’95, Kirk began teaching acting classes in LA and workshops in other major cities across the U.S. and abroad. He continues to offer private coaching in LA as well as online sessions via Skype. He can currently be seen in film festivals across the US and abroad in the critically acclaimed short films The Armoire by Evan Cooper as well as Demon by Caleb Slain. Kirk will be appearing in the upcoming feature The Will O Wisp by Evan Cooper.

Kirk Baltz | IMDb Credits



  • In welcher Sprache wird gearbeitet bzw. muss ich Englisch wirklich perfekt können?
I do encourage folks to work in their mother tongue. There’s more of an internal connection that takes place and then the works can be taken to English if desired. I’m more interested in artists grabbing the essence of the work rather than being concerned with the linguistics. I don’t need to understand what’s being said. I’m looking for truth and conviction.
  • Wird zusätzliche Arbeit zu Hause erwartet?
There might be minimal work on lunch breaks and to do at home in the evening. Simple review of scenes and perhaps a bit of writing…nothing arduous. Evenings are for resting and dreaming 🙂