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Die einzigartige Alegado Movement Language kommt nach München!

Joe Alegado ist in der Modern Welt bekannt für seinen von Limòn und anderen Contemporary Modern Dance Techniken inspirierten, einzigartigen Tanzstil… ein MUSS für alle, die organisch-fließende Choreographien lieben.

  • Samstag, 16. Juni: 15:00 Level I & 17:15 Level II (jeweils 120min.)

  • Sonntag, 17. Juni: 15:30 Level I & 17:45 Level II (jeweils 120min.)

  • Dozent: Joe Alegado + Blanka Csasznyi (Assistent)

  • Preise: 1 x 45€ | 2 x 80€ | 4 x 140€

  • Level I ist für erfahrene Anfänger bis Intermediate
  • Level II ist für Intermediate, Fortgeschrittene oder Tänzer in Ausbildung oder Profis 
My belief is that the best teacher in the world….is the stage. So, all our preparation in class is to get ready for the moment when we, as dancers, express ourselves in the choreographic movement – whether it be in an actual performance stage….or in the classroom.
Joe's Class Statement

Short Bio:

Joe Alegado began his dance training in Corpus Christi, Texas with classical ballet and Matt Mattox Jazz.  He has danced with Ballet Hispanico, Alvin Ailey ll and the José Limón Dance Company. He teaches throughout many parts of the world in dance festivals, conservatories, institutes, universities and companies. In 2009, he created, directed and performed in his own company, the JALEGADO DANCE COMPANY based in Prague, Czech Republic. In June of 2017, he earned his Master’s degree where he formally introduced his class methodology in a paper entitled –  A Trajectory In Dance: The Evolution of the Alegado Movement Language.

Joe’s Tanzausbildung began in Texas mit Ballett und Matt Mattox Jazz. Er tanzte Ballet Hispanico, Alvin Ailey ll and the José Limón Dance Company. Mittlerweile unterrichtet er weltweit bei renommierten Tanzfestivals, Companien und Ausbildungsschulen und choreographiert seine eigene Company JALEGADO. 2017 hat er im Rahmen seiner Masterarbeit seine Methode „A Trajectory In Dance: The Evolution of the Alegado Movement Language“ veröffentlicht.



Class description:

The main goal of my class is to give the students the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional tools by which to express themselves in movement that is organic, honest and passionate. The exercises are constructed from the ground up: the quality of an open plié allowing an open communication with the earth/floor; the freedom of the pelvis on top of a generous and open plié; the coordination of hands, arms and torso working in harmony with a fluid yet, strong pelvis.

The ultimate goal is to apply these tools to the choreography at the end of class.